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Capability Statement

The fact that Executive Security Group works with many construction companies in the labour hire and traffic control sides of our business ensures our understanding of construction security and is second to none in the industry.
Construction sites bring their own set of unique challenges in security, some being; site access, knowledge of the sites, inside jobs, tools and equipment, health and safety requirements, knowing how to deal with construction personnel, public relations with outside complaints from neighbours/the public/council etc… the list goes on.
Understanding in fine detail the correct ways to handle, manage, protect and guard these issues are critical to the job’s success and smooth operation.
Executive Security Group have a sister Company Site Services Group Civil Traffic Control that can cater for your specialise needs within Traffic Control.
Executive Security Group have a number of guards who only specialise in construction sites and can essentially run your whole site from the front gate. Have a big job coming up? Need a security guard on the front of your site that can combine the roles of security guard and foreman (coordinate with senior foreman)?
Then we are the people to speak to. Executive Security Group has realised there is a gap in the market and a need for quality guards with extensive construction experience, to assist you in running a site smoothly from the front gate.
As a builder, why employ more staff and increase admin costs such as employee benefits, statutory charges, insurance etc when you can hire an Executive Security Group guard who can do this for you? Why waste the use of a foreman on a front gate when they could be more productively used elsewhere? Kill two birds with one stone, hire an Executive Security Group guard on the front gate of your job site, get a guard with extensive experience in running a site and get your staff back to doing what they do best – building and making you money. What is the end result? Improve productivity, save money and ultimately increase profitability.

How Executive Security Group initially started was doing security on construction sites. It’s what we have been doing the longest and continue to do. We have secured a number of large construction clients who have been using our services for almost 15 years.
Not only is our experience in construction second to none, our rates are well known for being the best around.
We provide an array of products and services from our Brisbane head office, which include:

  • 24/7 365days service including days, nights and weekends
  • Security Guards, Mobile Patrols
  • The investigation, Covert Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Mailroom services
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Event Security
  • Security Escorts
  • Secure Courier Services
  • Security Dogs & Handlers
  • Installation of Security Equipment (CCTV, Alarm Installs, Access Control, AV Systems)
  • Risk Consultancy, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery and Plannin

Site Services Group Civil Traffic Control and Executive Security Group is committed to offering a high standard of service to all their
customers by offering as standards:

  • Latest equipment
  • Fast response time 24/7
  • Consultation and liaison with local authorities
  • Competitive price