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Executive Security Group Pty Limited (ESG)

Over 20 years Experience in delivering professional security services to customers throughout Queensland.

Executive Security Group offers a complete range of customer service focused security services that we can offer to our clients.

Customer Service Officers, Concierge, or Front of House Services require exceptional, handpicked staff who display the finest of qualities including outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation, attention to detail, incomparable customer service skills and discipline. In addition to this, they must be able to manage daily tasks dutifully, have confidence in engaging members of the public and have the ability to coordinate emergency situations as they arise.

All staff selected by ESG will not only possess these characteristics, but will approach their tasks from a security-minded perspective, ensuring that clients and members of the public are reassured that their safety and well-being is always of paramount concern.

Our senior key personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of shopping centre and associated facilities and critical infrastructure security. Most specifically we have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of our clients within the property, construction, energy, logistics and event management industries.

ESG believes we can deliver a high level of customer service with personal touch and the most professional group of experienced experts to your organization

ESG has remained at the forefront of the security industry through adapting the way we do business to keep pace with the rapidly evolving marketplace.