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Professional Security

Get What You Need from Our Professional Security Services

When it comes to professional security, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every security situation is unique, which means that every client requires something a little bit different from their security company. Sometimes, commercial security takes the form of CCTV cameras, perimeter guards and patrols and alarm systems. Other times, it may involve security escorts, secure courier services, disaster recovery and planning or mailroom services. At Executive Security Group, we have the experience and versatility necessary to adapt our capabilities to suit your security situation, no matter what that may be.

What You Can Expect from Executive Security Group Regarding Commercial Security?

When our business got started in the world of commercial and industrial security, more than 20 years ago now, we did so as a construction security company. Construction sites are vulnerable for a range of reasons. They are often wide open or partially open, with minimal security measures, and are frequently completely deserted at night and on weekends. We cut our teeth providing comprehensive security solutions for these sites and are frequently trusted to secure some of the largest construction sites in Australia. This experience has also helped develop the hallmarks of our services — hallmarks you’ll experience whether you’re asking us to secure a construction site, a shopping centre or an office building. These hallmarks include:

  • The latest equipment. Some people conflate security with equipment, even though there is a crucial human element to this business. Still, while well-trained and highly-experienced personnel are the best asset anyone can have when it comes to security services (and something we bring to the table at Executive Security Group) technology and equipment do make a difference. Whether it’s security cameras, alarm systems or other equipment, we use state-of-the-art tech tools to keep our clients and their assets safer and more secure.
  • The highest standard. We are incredibly proud to hold the ISO Security Management 28000: 2007 certification. Only a handful of security companies in the world hold this prestigious ISO standard, and we are one of them. We believe it showcases our commitment to providing the highest quality security services possible.
  • The fastest response times. Security and speed go hand-in-hand. A security company with a slow response time is failing in its duty to protect the customer and their property. We have worked hard over the past two decades to speed up our processes wherever possible so that we can respond as quickly as possible to any alert or threat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, we have strong relationships with local authorities and our competitive pricing. The former factor is beneficial as it allows us to consult with law enforcement where doing so is necessary for our clients, for instance, event security planning may involve closing roads or disrupting traffic. 

Services We Provide Related to Professional Security

As we already discussed briefly, professional security can take a lot of different forms depending on the client and the situation. Here are just a few of the types of protection that our team is qualified to offer:

  • Perimeter security. Particularly on construction sites, we will often place security guards at the front gates of the property or have mobile patrols out, securing the perimeter and keeping an eye out for threats.
  • Security equipment installation and monitoring. We can install alarms, access control systems, CCTV security and AV systems on/around your property, as well as monitor these systems for security threats and send out response teams if necessary.
  • Security concierge services. Security concierge personnel play a key role in many residential and office buildings, providing on-the-ground security monitoring and services, as well as greeting tenants and visitors upon entry to the building.
  • Covert security. Covert security is where our personnel go ‘undercover’ in plain clothes as a means of spotting criminal activity that might not occur with a more visible security presence. These personnel are particularly popular in retail environments, where they are often used to detect and stop shoplifting.
  • Secure courier services. Our couriers can deliver sensitive, confidential or high-security documents or assets from sender to recipient with no breaks in the chain of custody and no risk to the asset itself.
  • Security escorts. Security escorts can help politicians, celebrities, high-profile executives or other persons get from one location to the next in situations where their safety may be at risk.
  • Security dogs and handlers. Security dogs can be invaluable for tracking scents, locating objects or substances and even deterring criminal threats.
  • Consulting services. These include risk consultancy, crisis management, disaster recovery and more.
  • Event security. We take part in the planning of your event, considering the unique security risks of the event design and working to develop adequate protection from potential threats.
  • Mailroom services. We keep an eye out for suspicious packages that might pose a threat to your corporate team.

Why Executive Security Group is Cost-Effective

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for offering some of the best rates around for our services. The reason is simple: not only are our prices reasonable, but they also give you access to a vast array of professional-grade security services. Our clients have consistently and repeatedly told us that our security approach delivers the best value around for our industry. Whether you need private security, commercial security or industrial security, we can help. Contact us today to get started.