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Security Guards Perth

Our Security Guards in Perth Set the Benchmark When it Comes to Safety

At Executive Security Group, we train our security guards in Perth to deliver premium quality comprehensive protection for you, your loved ones and your assets. Each member of our elite security force receives first-class training, has the support of modern equipment and a reliable vehicle to ensure your safety when you are at your most vulnerable. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Event Security in Perth

Keeping a crowd safe and in control at all times requires advanced training. Our skilled security force takes an inclusive approach towards your event and prevents common mistakes which can quickly turn into publicity disasters. 

  • We bring enough personnel on-site to secure the perimeters of the premises. Providing first-class training to manage crowds is part of our company protocol. In addition, we always ensure the ratio of security guards is in perfect balance with the number of patrons at your event. Short staffing can cause unnecessary incidents. 
  • An effective emergency response plan to save lives during evacuations. Putting an effective plan in place is one part of our services, having the trained staff on-site to execute the plan calmly and effectively when the unfortunate happens, is another vital element. 
  • We trust only the most advanced cameras, monitors and sensors for effective surveillance. Not only do we utilise these systems to our advantage, but we also have the technical skills to install the same high-end technology at your premises. These include CCTV, smoke sensors, access controls and more. 

Event security doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you partner with us, you experience the full range of benefits of dealing with a reputable security provider. 

Related Services We Provide to Alarm Monitoring in Perth

Security is a wide field which requires a broad approach covering all aspects to deliver a successful and trustworthy service.

  • Alarm monitoring is an integral part of our service platform. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping a trusted eye on your belongings, keeping it safe from intruders. 
  • Taking care of possessions and property is only one part of our business. For 20 years, we’ve also taken care of people with our private security in Perth. We protect you and your loved ones without limiting your movement and still give you the freedom to live your life. 
  • We care about our homes, but our commercial property is vital to our income and financial stability. Commercial security in Perth is thus a trusted leg in keeping your business safe with reduced risk and comprehensive surveillance.

About Executive Security Group

Our commitment to security is the ink which writes our positive reviews. For more than two decades, our trusted name is one synonymous with quality training, certification and passion for solutions for your security concerns. 

If you haven’t considered your safety and security yet, what are you waiting for? Speak to us regarding affordable solutions to take care of your security effectively, reliably and affordably.