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Alarm Monitoring Canberra

Professional Alarm Monitoring in Canberra

It may be one of the safest cities in the world, but the massive escalation of drug use worldwide and the associated crimes that go along with it, has made it imperative for businesses and residences to make use of professional alarm monitoring in Canberra.

Executive Security Group has more than 20 years’ experience in the professional security industry, with an impeccable record of providing our customers with a premium, comprehensive service across a multitude of industry-specific settings.

The Benefits of Security Guards in Canberra

Whether you need security for a small business or a large shopping mall, a professional, efficient security guard will do much more than just stand at the door looking out for suspicious activity. If properly deployed, your security personnel can be hugely beneficial to your business.

  • Our security guards are highly trained professionals ready to be deployed into any setting. From concierge services to mall security management, our guards are presentable, able to confidently engage with members of the public, and effectively take control of any emergency that may arise.
  • A professional security guard allows you to deploy your staff where they are most needed, eliminating the need to have a staff member at the front desk or construction site entrance. 
  • Our security guards in Canberra are fully trained in all aspects of public safety, risk management, and crisis management and will not only effectively react to security breaches but will actively identify and eliminate any potential safety and security risks.

What Sets Executive Security Group Apart Regarding Security Guards in Canberra

We are highly regarded and widely respected within the industry for our efficient and cost-effective all-encompassing security and security and risk management services. We offer the highest levels of customer service and a wide range of industry-specific security services.

  • No matter which industry you are in, we can tailor the ideal security solution for you, taking into account your industry-specific requirements and the individual requirements in terms of your company’s existing processes and procedures. Our services are completely customer-focused and personalised to suit each customer.
  • Our staff are highly trained industry professionals, subjected to regular further professional development and training initiatives, with the latest in equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. 
  • We carry a 9001:2008 quality management system certification and the highly coveted Security Management 28000:2007 certification. This very prestigious certification is only carried by a handful of companies around the world and represents for us the lengths we will go to, to ensure that we provide the best, most efficient service to our customers.

About Executive Security Group

We have managed to remain at the forefront of the security industry by keeping up with all developments within the industry, constantly reviewing and updating our systems, procedures and equipment, and ensuring that our staff deliver service of the highest of standards.

No matter what industry you are in, we have the ideal security solution for you.

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