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Alarm Monitoring Adelaide

Our Alarm Monitoring in Adelaide Means Help Is Coming When You Need It

Alarm monitoring in Adelaide is a substantial part of our business yet, at Executive Security Group, we take a much wider approach towards delivering safety. Comprehensive training, vehicle maintenance, trusted, modern equipment and personal care are the four pillars of our success.

What Sets Executive Security Group Apart Regarding Security Guards in Adelaide

Our prestige range of certifications is what sets us apart in the safety and security industry. Through our constant devotion and commitment to deliver excellence, we obtained the following industry recognition as a trusted and reputable name in the world of security. 

  • Quality Assurance 9001:2008 indicates compliance with the skillset of systematic process checking of our equipment to ensure proper functioning at all times. We rely on advanced equipment to give us the edge when we take on the responsibility of event security in Adelaide, in particular.
  • Security Management 28000:2007 is the most prestigious standard of compliance to our name. It sets us apart as one of the handful of security companies globally with the certification on their wall. 
  • ISO 28000:2007 testifies that we have the skills to deliver effective security management systems. In Adelaide, it is important during event security to have skilled and qualified security guards on duty, knowing how to react in any emergency. 

These certifications are vital to us, it is something which reflects our commitment to always excel, always improve and always keep your life and events safe beyond expectation.

The Importance of Commercial Security in Adelaide

Commercial security ensures the protection of your staff and assets at all times. In Adelaide, we take a comprehensive approach to keeping your staff and your assets safe.

  • We provide trained security guards to check perimeters, to prevent unlawful intrusion onto your premises through access control and to assist with evacuations during critical incidents.
  • The most advanced modern technology gives us the edge to monitor all security aspects of your commercial property through excellent fire security monitors. Our equipment ensures  early alerts which can prevent or minimise damage from fires or flooding. 
  • Keeping an eye on your assets to deliver comprehensive reporting is possible through our highly-effective CCTV systems. Our professionals deliver a comprehensive, quality service from installation to operations. 

History of Executive Security Group

For more than 20 years, we have been your trusted partners in Adelaide and beyond in delivering disaster management solutions, crisis management planning, commercial security systems, event security and more. We have the technical skills to install your high-end technology and comply with the most stringent quality controls regarding all our equipment. Yet, it is the human factor, our well-trained security guards and our personnel always welcoming you with a personal and caring approach for customer satisfaction.

Our team protects yours. Speak to us about our range of brilliant solutions we have to offer, dissolving your concerns for safety and security fast.