Quality Policy

Executive Security Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned security company specialising in a range of security services and options. With a focus on delivering a high level of personal service, Executive Security Group aims to clearly understand client requirements and expectations in order to achieve specialised, personal services for its customers. Combined with its workforce’s extensive experience and efforts to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing security industry, Executive Security prides itself on establishing long-term, professional relationships with its clients.

Executive Security Group understands the importance of quality management in achieving the above outcomes and in the business at large, and as such, it has established and implemented a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (which has been combined with its security management system into an integrated management system). As well as complying with customer requirements, Executive Security Group commits to complying with the requirements of the standard and its own internal requirements, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to it.

In order to achieve the aims of its integrated management system, Executive Security Group establishes measurable quality objectives at relevant functions and levels of the organisation, which it endeavours to achieve. Quality objectives are set out in the organisation’s current Integrated Management Programme, and they relate to product as well as other areas of the business. Quality objectives are reviewed for achievement at management review, and new objectives and targets are also set in this forum.

Executive Security Group commits to continually improving its integrated management system via system maintenance, this quality policy, its quality objectives, and other means in order to achieve consistent customer satisfaction and remain a viable business well into the future.

Andrew Bourke
Managing Director